Are you still struggling with your breathing?

Have you been handed a diagnosis of COPD, Asthma, Pulmonary Fibrosis or ILD ?
And you’re wondering: “What now?”

Your doctor told you that you have a chronic lung disease. Anything he said after that, you didn’t hear.


I understand.

You tried to tell your family, to explain what you’ve been feeling but they just don’t seem to ‘get it’.

I understand.

You try to make sense of the medications and inhalers but they make no sense at all and you question if they really help …

I understand.

Most days you try and just press on as if that doctor visit never happened. But you are so tired and your breathing is so short, you just need a break in the action so you can catch your breath!

I understand

Here’s why you should join us!



Hi my name is Kelly Welton and I am known as The Breathing Specialist. And you can start TODAY to get your life back. Let me explain..

Over the years, I have run several Pulmonary Rehabilitation programs. But I always felt bad about one thing...the number of people I had to turn away.

People with no transportation. People who couldn’t make it to class 3 times a week, for whatever reason. People who had done PR years before and need to do it again. But their insurance only pays for one 6 week session. Ever. And people who couldn’t afford the price tag, whether as a private–pay or just the co-pays for 18 visits. And most commonly, people for whom the closest program was just too far to drive both ways in a day, 3 times a week.

I wanted to do something for those people. So I thought. And thought. And finally, I came up with the idea…. Bring Pulmonary Rehab TO these people!

I took the basic, AACVPR-approved content and added the best of my own Pulmonary Rehab teaching experiences. 32 years in Respiratory Care, now available to you online. And I took the “I-Can’ts” out of the equation.


Here is what you get:

Access to 22 learning modules. You can review these as many times as you like, when you want to. First thing in the morning with your coffee. After work. At 2AM when you can’t sleep. On YOUR schedule. And I am continually adding content and updating the modules as new information comes out.

Access to exercise videos. Follow along with me as I show you how to stretch and warm up gently, and how to do simple exercises at home or at a gym.

Facebook community. Continue to socialize with like-minded people who understand what you are going through, and who will cheer you on, support you, and share their helpful ideas with you.

Live call once a month: Once I figure out the best platform, Google hangout or Go to Webinar for example, I’ll get on the phone with my community and you can ask questions live. I’ll get some specialists on the line with us, and I will record all the calls so you can listen at your convenience.

PLUS: Here are 4 reasons that make this the best thing ever!

Bonus #1
The follow-along workbook. Let’s find the best exercises for you and gauge if you are doing them correctly, which you will learn in Module 3.Which reminds me of a joke: A man goes to his doctor and asks, ‘What is the best exercise for me”? The doctor replies, “One that you will actually do ”.

Bonus #2
Access to my previous program, The Live Well Summit. I interviewed several experts on a variety of health topics, from meditation to subliminal programming to GMO foods to neural brain plasticity. You name it, we talked about it.

Bonus #3:
Access to my 30 Days to Breathing Easier E mail program. Simply open your E mail every day, and watch a fun one –to- two minute video with a breathing tip of the day.

Bonus #4 Top secret! You have to join to get this one.
Now I don’t know if you have priced hospital based Pulmonary Rehab programs lately, but I will tell you they run from $3000-$8000 for 6-8 weeks of class.

Join Now for Immediate Access!

Honestly, if you can get to a live class, I will absolutely encourage you to do so.

But I built this program for busy people, working people, people who don’t drive, or can’t make it to a live program 3 days a week for 6 weeks for WHATEVER reason. I built it for people whose insurance doesn’t cover pulmonary rehab, or maybe your insurance will cover the program, but the co-pay is just too much. So I made it easy.

You can choose a one-time pay for lifetime access, or a monthly membership!

You choose what works best for you. You can pay only once, and access every module instantly OR pay monthly to receive 3 or 4 videos to view at your leisure.

You will have access to download the workbook and to view the exercise videos. All I ask is that you do not share your login information with anyone else.

Jump on this opportunity today and start getting your life back!

Thank you and congratulations !


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